Our Animals Matter

Animals Matter
One of the most common animal cruelty that stays unrecognized is animal testing. Some people feel that animals are just animals and they do not matter as much as people. However, they do matter. They are living creatures in our society and they deserve rights to live out their natural life. With some love, patience, and effort, I feel that we could help these helpless animals get everything they deserve don’t you?
It is important to spread the message because animals do not deserve to be abused. Most animals are not legally protected which is extremely sad. Animal testing has over 100 million animals, burned, crippled, poisoned, and abused in the lab in the US over the years. 5.5 million people are making a positive change. I still feel that with all those people we should be spreading the message out and trying to make a law against it. For instance, the United Kingdom banned laboratory testing on chimpanzee. The UK has not licensed animal testing over 15 years. This website proves my point on how animal testing is extremely ineffective and is problematic. However, sadly enough the US is \ one of the only two countries in the world who permits this abuse and has not made it illegal.
I am very passionate about this topic because I feel that with enough people, our society could make a positive change by making laws against animal cruelty in all countries. Making sure that the message spreads out because animals matter too. Our technology is advanced enough to think of new ways than putting animals to the test. Showing that this act is not okay by making it illegal will save a lot of these helpless creatures lives.


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