Married Couple Faces Animal Cruelty Charges- North Carolina

Animal Rights Served

Jacksonville, North Carolina, animal charges are brought upon 21 year old Damien Irvin and 19 year old Sammantha Wesche. They were arrested Friday, May 19, 2017. On May 15, Onslow County Animal Services officials act on an anonymous call. Two dead kittens were found inside  a freezer and a dead dog. Another dog was killed in front of their eyes. The officials also took 31 dogs, 13 cats, and one pig!

Damien and Sammantha each face two felony counts for starving animals and killing them and 45 misdemeanor counts for animal abuse.

I feel that the court was too lenient with the couple and they should have made the punishments more severe. This is just an example of animal cruelty.


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