Keeping Up With Our Animals

It is Time to Stop
According to Los Angeles Times, Ringling's lions, tigers, camels and other animals were forced to enter a ring and perform tricks. This takes animal rights and achieving it took over 30 years. Forcing animals to perform or do unnatural tricks in a front an audience is considered animal abuse.

In 2002, an investigator in the Last Chance for Animals organization, captured video footage of an elephant training in Oklahoma. This video was filled with much violence. The poor creature was abused with bull hooks, electric pods, and blowtorches. In the video, the trainer yelled "Make 'em scream!" Even though there is all of this abuse, the Carson & Barnes Circus remains forcing animals to perform.

Animals are helpless when it comes to situations like these. In March, 2017, abusing animals was banned. This counts as the Traveling Exotic Animal and Public Safety Protection Act. In conclusion, even though it has taken a while to pass this act, the ban against animal rights is progressing in a positive way.


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