My Opinion

This article shows the pros and cons of animal testing. In my opinion, I highly disagree with any pros of animal testing because there are no pros. About 26 million animals are used for testing every year in the United States and it is not yet banned in our country. I believe that our technology has been extremely developed that we can find a way to use something else besides animals and using toxic chemicals on them. Not only is it painful on these poor helpless animals, it decreases the population.

Married Couple Faces Animal Cruelty Charges- North Carolina

Animal Rights Served
Jacksonville, North Carolina, animal charges are brought upon 21 year old Damien Irvin and 19 year old Sammantha Wesche. They were arrested Friday, May 19, 2017. On May 15, Onslow County Animal Services officials act on an anonymous call. Two dead kittens were found inside  a freezer and a dead dog. Another dog was killed in front of their eyes. The officials also took 31 dogs, 13 cats, and one pig!
Damien and Sammantha each face two felony counts for starving animals and killing them and 45 misdemeanor counts for animal abuse.
I feel that the court was too lenient with the couple and they should have made the punishments more severe. This is just an example of animal cruelty.

Keeping Up With Our Animals

It is Time to Stop According to Los Angeles Times, Ringling's lions, tigers, camels and other animals were forced to enter a ring and perform tricks. This takes animal rights and achieving it took over 30 years. Forcing animals to perform or do unnatural tricks in a front an audience is considered animal abuse.
In 2002, an investigator in the Last Chance for Animals organization, captured video footage of an elephant training in Oklahoma. This video was filled with much violence. The poor creature was abused with bull hooks, electric pods, and blowtorches. In the video, the trainer yelled "Make 'em scream!" Even though there is all of this abuse, the Carson & Barnes Circus remains forcing animals to perform.
Animals are helpless when it comes to situations like these. In March, 2017, abusing animals was banned. This counts as the Traveling Exotic Animal and Public Safety Protection Act. In conclusion, even though it has taken a while to pass this act, the ban again…

Our Animals Matter

Animals Matter One of the most common animal cruelty that stays unrecognized is animal testing. Some people feel that animals are just animals and they do not matter as much as people. However, they do matter. They are living creatures in our society and they deserve rights to live out their natural life. With some love, patience, and effort, I feel that we could help these helpless animals get everything they deserve don’t you? It is important to spread the message because animals do not deserve to be abused. Most animals are not legally protected which is extremely sad. Animal testing has over 100 million animals, burned, crippled, poisoned, and abused in the lab in the US over the years. 5.5 million people are making a positive change. I still feel that with all those people we should be spreading the message out and trying to make a law against it. For instance, the United Kingdom banned laboratory testing on chimpanzee. The UK has not licensed animal testing over 15 years. This we…